Since 1993

Our Mission

The Michigan Elks Association Charitable Grant Fund Scholarship Commission,
also known as the “Gold Key Scholarship Fund”, was established by the Board of
Trustees of the Michigan Elks Association to provide a post secondary education scholarship
for special needs students to be funded through individual donor contributions. For the purpose of this
scholarship “Special Needs” is a student that is physically challenged, currently eligible for special
education services under the Federal guidelines or as may be approved by the Gold Key Commission
of the Michigan Elks Association. The scholarship, which is $2000.00 a year, which maybe renewable
for up to 3 additional years, is intended to aid those qualifying applicants (graduating seniors)
who could not other wise do so, to continue their education or training past high school at
either an accredited college, university or a licensed trade or vocational school to help them
become self-respecting, self-reliant, and self-supporting members of society.